The Perfect Software Solution for Interior Design Companies

Manage all your designers, projects and finances on a single platform!

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“The software was developed from scratch for interior design companies so it really meets our needs as an interior design company.”

– Jason Ng, Voila

Hyperreno is the enterprise software solution to manage all your interior design projects, interior designers, co-ordinators, project managers and suppliers in a single system!

  • Faster than Excel!

    No more tedious cut and paste! Simply select and everything is populated automatically.

  • Do Away with Paperwork!

    Reduce your paperwork, go digital with invoices, agreements, purchase orders etc.

  • Monitor Your Cashflow Easily!

    In a single screen, you will know your finances immediately.

  • 100% Fully Secure

    Built by security specialists who worked on government projects.

Hyperreno is the best-of-breed enterprise CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and PM (Project Management) software solution developed for interior design companies.

Main Dashboard

Upon login, authorised users will be shown a dashboard which displays important information at a glance.

Renovation Project Lifecycle Management

Each authorised user is able view list of renovation projects under his/her care (and the status). Admin user (super admin) is able to view all projects.

Admin User Modules

Admin user has additional modules to define and manage the default items in the System: default type of Scope of Work, Work Categories (hacking, plumbing etc), Locations (kitchen, bedroom etc), Unit of Measure and Property type (HDB 3-room, HDB 4-room, condo etc). Admin user can also define the list of approved suppliers and create and manage user accounts for this System.

Finance User Modules

The System also has dedicated modules for a Finance user who will monitor and update the actual the cash inflow and outflow of projects using Deposit module, Invoice Payable module and Payment Vouchers module.

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